Wendy is Douglas' cousin and friend of Brian. She is one of the main characters of Our New Electrical Morals.


She usually wears some sort of button-up dress with mittens similar to Douglas'. She keeps her hair in a very messy state (which she may be unaware of, as she believes herself to be great at cutting hair, stating that she cuts her own hair as well).


  • She has a band called Bitmap Bombardier with Brian.
  • She is afraid of commitment.
  • She dressed up as Fionna, the gender-swapped version of Finn from Adventure Time, for Halloween once.
  • She stated that she suffers from constant stress.
  • She is shown to be somewhat superficial, liking some things only for their outside appeal.
  • She doesn't like anything too exhausting or adventurous.
  • She thinks of herself as ugly and neurotic and is afraid her kids will end up the same way.
  • Wendy is revealed to be usually called a "Robophobe".
  • Wendy stated that all of her freinds have persionalites are disorders, which means they are all ill.
  • Wendy is bad at telling jokes.
  • Wendy's favourite color is Plaid.
  • The last book Wendy read was called: "the Spark notes for The Catcher in the Rye".
  • Wendy gets headaches from listening to J-Pop. 
  • She has Otaku Syndrome.