Our New Electrical Morals on Cartoon Hangover-0

Our New Electrical Morals on Cartoon Hangover-0

The first episode of Our New Electrical Morals is called

Dumb Baby.


The episode starts with Douglas, who walks over to a desk and file cabinet in the middle of a field as a train chugs by. He then calls out to Business Cat, who is revealed to be inside the cabinet. They conduct their shareholders' meeting and talk about their jelly-jam sandwiches, which are revealed to be heating up in Douglas' hat using his "brain power". After the meeting is concluded, Douglas reveals he has found a baby. After attempting to gain profit from it, Business Cat decides that keeping the baby would result in the loss of 80,000% of their liquid assets, and resorts to getting rid of it. Douglas decides that he would rather find the parents, and proceeds to approach Wendy and Brian, who are rehearsing in the field. Douglas asks Wendy if it is her baby, believing it to have come from her "baby prison" to which she responds no. Business Cat then arrives in a large gun-tank and shoots Brian away, before revealing that he purchased it to protect the company from bankruptcy, which is now coincidentally bankrupt. Douglas decides to hold an emergency shareholders' meeting in the tank, which erupts into a brief argument between Douglas and Business Cat. It is soon interrupted by Wendy, who reveals that the baby is already hungry. Business Cat and Douglas then decide that it is time to let the baby go. They decide to put the baby on the train along with Business Cat's knife, for protection. As the train chugs away, Douglas questions their actions, which are refuted when Business Cat convinces him that the baby's chance of survival would be higher without their interference. As the tank, still on, goes on a destructive rampage, Douglas and Business Cat decide to leave and eat their jelly-jam. At the end, the narrarator sings: "Terrible parents, they gave a knife to a baby!" Then, the tank breaks the rainbow by shooting it. Douglas says they forgot to turn the tank off but Business Cat said to eat jelly jam sandwhiches first and worry about the murder tank later. At the end of the show the narrarator sing: "Those knucleheads broooooke my rainbow..... It's a damn shame..."


  • It is hinted that Douglas was also abandoned as a baby, forced to grow up on his own.
  • Wendy is revealed to own most of Business Cat's company.
  • Business Cat's company is now bankrupt due to the purchase of the tank.
  • It appears that while Douglas and Business Cat are both shareholders, since Business Cat owns Wendy money, she is technically a shareholder as well. 
  • This is later refuted when Douglas says "no girls".