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Douglas is one of the main characters of the series Our New Electrical Morals. He is best friends with Business Cat and cousin to Wendy. In the online series, he helps Business Cat with his business ventures.


Besides his characteristic top hat, he wears a yellow shirt and black pants, along with white mittens.


  • He is unemployed.
  • He is supposedly the most optimistic character in the series.
  • He has a monster that lives inside his hat.
  • He is hinted to be an orphan. 
  • He stated that his gloves are always on his hands because he superglued them on.
  • He enjoys making reviews about various music titles, movies and other media.
  • He is constantly making puns, much to Business Cat's chagrin.
  • His name is never revealed in the comic.
  • Though his name is never revealed, a fan gave him the nickname "Hatman", though this was confirmed to be a false name as he himself did not know who Hatman was.
  • He is very behind the times, making frequent references to songs and bands from the 80's and 90's, believing them to be current.
  • Douglas may have a persionality disorder.
  • He can cook and warm up food in his hat using his brain, calling it "brain power". It is unclear how this type of method works.
  • His hat is supposedly filled with marshmallows.
  • It is revealed that Douglas has secrets about the govenement.
  • Douglas uses caffeine to shut his brain up.