Brian is a robot and Wendy's friend. He is often seen alongside Wendy, though is also met with a lot of misfortune. 


He is a green, hunched robot with a white tv-like face and an antenna on his head. He has lines on his front and his mouth is often seen quivering when he is laying down fresh beats.


  • He has certificates of authenticity that he indeed lays down 100% fresh beats.
  • He occasionally makes sexual passes at Wendy.
  • He is the most emotionless character in the series, next to Douglas and Business Cat.
  • He has access to the internet history of all humans, particularly Wendy's.
  • He supplies the "beats" in Wendy's band Bitmap Bombardier.
  • He is the biggest hipster, beating Wendy by a nose.
  • Brian loves Wendy.
  • Brian is always connected to the internet, so he pratically is the internet. But he'll only let others use it for 5 bucks.
  • Brian thinks goodwill is bourgeois.
  • Even though Brian shops at "Whole foods", he can't eat 'people food'.
  • Brian once went to Tea Party Rally because he thought it was against Starbucks.
  • Brian mentions that he has "told his friends" that Wendy was not a "robophobe", indicating that Brian has other friends besides Wendy.